About European Excellency

European Excellency is all about offering quality and premium products that add a wow-factor to your parties, events, and celebrations. Every occasion is different, every client is special, so we ensure the decorative products match your unique taste and fun vibe. We believe paper pieces used in every party or event should be of the highest quality, safe for their users, and environmentally friendly.

Abiding by that mantra, European Excellency is Florida’s premier manufacturer and distributor of decorative paper napkins, plates, cups, and party sets. Our goal is to supply individuals and organizations with trustworthy products that don’t just work well for the occasion but contribute to its visual flair, ultimately adding a creative touch to your party.

We uphold all of our offerings to the finest European endowment. We manufacture each product with complete care to match our high standards. Chlorine-free tissues, paper and water-based paints are used in the production, all assured of excellence – coupled with various size-availability ranging from lunch, cocktail, round, and snack napkins, and dinner and dessert plates. We work with talented and skilled European artists who create stunning patterns that stand out. Our offerings are well-suited to a variety of needs, such as wedding receptions, Easter, Christmas parties, baby shower, bridal shower, birthday parties, pool party, Halloween, New Year parties, or any other event.

Decoupage for Everybody

We do not cut corners; we offer products that meet all your needs. Our paper napkins for decoupage stand out from the rest. 3-ply, chlorine-free tissues are made with European raw materials, delivering products that are appealing and catchy. Our unique designs grab attention, and this is the reason clients love these one-of-a-kind patterns, including birds, butterflies, dragonflies, vintage, and floral patterns.

Our Mission is Excellence

Excellence is the single word that defines our business’ mission. Individuals, retail outlets, and event organizations should have a resource they can trust to provide for their celebrations and functions. We consistently match requirements with unique patterns that are nothing short of magnificent, all quickly delivered with competitive pricing.